Garage Doors

So, you are looking for a new Garage Door? Then look no further.

We supply and fit an extensive range of new doors, (as well as carrying out garage door repairs) to suit both your budget and your requirements.  From a simple but classic Up and Over Canopy Garage Door or Retractable Garage Door, to the elegant Sectional Garage Doors or the practical Roller Shutter Garage Doors.  But should none of those suit your requirements, we also offer Side Hinged Garage Doors that open from the front as a normal household door would except there is two of them (also known as barn doors).

Firstly, you need to decide what you are looking to achieve from your new Garage Door.  Is it to try to gain a little more opening height or width? Or is it just a simple straight forward swap of old Garage Door for a new one? Or are you modernising your property and want a new look Garage Door to fit in with your new look?  Whatever your answer maybe, we can help.

Depending on the construction of your garage it’s not always a case of having what you want as some doors won’t work with the build of your garage, we know that may sound bizarre, but some Garage Doors simply won’t suit the construction of your Garage if you don’t have the space or a suitably constructed Garage.

You can view some of the range on our site but below is a summary of the type of Garage Door options available to you.

Canopy Garage Doors


Most garages that you will have seen over the years will have had some sort of Garage Door fitted and they will probably have been a Canopy Door.  You can tell a Canopy Garage Door apart from other Doors due to the fact that when the door is in the open position around a third of the door protrudes from the garage, creating a Canopy in front of the garage.

These are very versatile Garage Doors and are available in many designs and colours and constructed from either steel, fibre glass (GRP) or timber clad.  With so many designs and colours to choose from, you will be sure to find a design and colour to suit your property, taste, and needs.

But before you rush off to buy one, have you considered any of the other Garage Door options available to you and have you looked at the pros and cons of having a Canopy Garage Door.

As we mentioned earlier, they come in a huge range of designs, but the principles and mechanics behind them have not changed much at all in the last 50 years. They have had a few additions such as anti-drop spindles for your safety, updated secure locking barrels and on some doors a 4-point locking mechanism offering additional security (secure by design). However, you will still see the same cables to the  left and right hand side of the door and the long spring across the top, and we all know too well that these cables can snap, and if we’ve been a little clumsy and left something in the way of the door, a quick jolt is all it can take for those cables to fall off the cones at the top and leave your door looking a little worse for wear.

But having said that, they are still a very good and yet affordable Garage Door that will still look great on the front of any Garage.  And what’s more, because we only supply and fit the best quality Canopy and Retractable Garage Doors we offer a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, backed by Garador.  These Garage Doors can also be automated, but it would be our recommendation that if you are looking for an automated option a Retractable Garage Door is a better option than the Canopy Door.  This is because they tend to be less complex, easier to operate and will offer better longevity for both your door and the motor.

Retractable Doors


Retractable Garage Doors will have the very same front panel as a Canopy Garage Door, the difference here being the lifting mechanism on the inside of the Garage Door.  Instead of using one long spring and a pair of cables to lift the door, this mechanism uses a scissor arm and springs to lift the door into position, with two runners mounted high up within the garage to allow the door to simply slide away effortlessly into your garage along the interior roof line.

Retractable Garage Doors are an absolute dream to motorise because other than the addition of a motor and boom arm, there are no mechanical extras to add onto the back of the door.  As with a manually operated Retractable Garage Door they lift very smoothly into position, however, if you’re a little on the short side, opening the door to its full height could be a struggle, as once you get to a certain height with the door there isn’t enough strength left in the springs to pull the door the rest of the way.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, “could you put some stronger springs on then?”.  If it was that simple we would, but in doing so it would make the springs too strong when first opening the door which could result in the door knocking you off your feet and could potentially result in an injury.  Safety of you and other users of your Garage Door is our main priority so we will always make sure that the operation of your Garage Door is as easy and safe as we can possibly make it.

But none of this should put you off buying a Retractable Garage Door, as they are a great quality product and will last you for many years to come and again come with our manufacturers backed 10 year warranty.

Sectional Doors


As the name suggests with this type of Garage Door it comes in sections.  For most heights of domestic Sectional Garage Doors these usually come in four horizontal panels.  They are internally hinged together at the joins, with the door lifting into an open position using springs and cables and sliding away into the garage on a tracked system in a slightly similar way to the Retractable Garage Doors.

These doors are usually 50mm thick and come in either single skin with no insulation or they can be insulated.  These doors fit flush with all the edges of your Garage Door opening reducing drafts and retaining heat in your Garage.  Again, Sectional Doors are a very good door to automate.  They come in a range of designs and colours.

In some circumstances these doors cannot always be fitted in your garage due to the construction of your garage, but if you have the space these are well worth exploring as they are a superb door.

But if you are unsure if a Sectional Garage Door is the right option for you or if it would fit we can offer a free site survey to make sure you get the best possible solution to meet your needs and requirements.

Roller Shutter Garage Door


Short on space within your garage? Need some extra storage room? These doors can give you just that.

Unlike the previous Garage Doors covered, Roller Garage Doors roll up into a small box mounted at the top of the door, freeing up the roof space within the garage and because they roll straight up, it means you can put shelving and store items close to the door without worrying about them blocking the door from opening.

Roller Garage Doors also come in a range of designs and colours, although the designs for these are a little more limited and basic due to the very nature of how these doors work but they are also an insulated door which keeps the draft out and the heat in.  Roller Garage Doors come with a variety of safety features to ensure you do not get trapped in your garage or under the Garage Door.  They are an automated door and come with two options to fully automate and partially automate, see the Roller Door page for more info.

Fantastic quality garage doors, at the right price and great if you are looking to save a little more space in your garage, why not ask our friendly engineers for a free no obligation quote?

Side Hinged Garage Doors


Imagine if you will, a pair of French Doors and how they may open outwards from your home onto your patio.  Well Side Hinged Garage Doors operate in the same way with two doors side by side with handles to the centre of your garage opening.  Simply turn the handles and pull both doors open, or just open one for easy access, they operate the same way as a regular door.

Hinged on one side with a door handle on the other, very simple, very basic, no mechanical things to go wrong.  They come in a range of colours and great designs, although if you were to order one of these we would advise to order a door stay as they can have a tendency to wave around at the bottom near the ground, a door stay would prevent this and prolong the life of your Side Hinged Garage Door.

Our engineers can give you a more in-depth look as to what you can have and what will suit your budgets, they carry sample colours and finished so that you can get a better feel of what you are buying.

So come on, give us a call now for your Free No Obligation Quotation…. and let us open a few doors for you!