Electric Garage Doors

Having motorised or electric Garage Doors is not just a luxury, sometimes it is a necessity.  Some of the bigger Garage Doors can be a struggle to lift or as we get older we can’t always do the things we used to be able to do, but for most of us it’s still important to be able to gain access to the garage or put the car away at night without it being a hassle.  Most Garage Doors can be automated quite easily, with some having to have minor alterations, but generally with ease.

An important thing to consider when looking to automate your Garage Door is the existing manual gear that currently operates your Garage Door.  With some older doors it may be worthwhile changing springs or having new lifting gear installed as over the years these can become excessively worn and could result in serious injury should they fail once an electric motor is installed.  Not to mention the fact that old parts left on your current Door would reduce the lifespan of your electric motor.

What are the benefits to having an electric Garage Door?


The first obvious benefit of having a motorised or electric garage door is being able to avoid getting caught in bad weather.  At the touch of a button your door would open automatically allowing you to just drive straight in without having to get out of your car meaning you stay dry and safe from the elements.  The door would then stay open until you pressed the button again to close it, simple.  Other benefits are not having to man handle the door especially if your door is heavy and you struggle to lift it, or if the door is high and you can’t reach to lift it all the way.

Would I still be able to lock my Garage Door with a motor installed?


Not in the same way as you do now……. All manual locking mechanisms would be disabled, with the make of motors we use the door would lock against the motor itself.  This would make your door fully secure and no one could gain access to your garage door other than you.

What happens to Electric Garage Doors in a power cut?


With all electric or motorised garage doors, the laws are quite clear.  Manual override features should be installed so that should the door close whilst you are in the garage and the power fails, you can still get out.  And should the power fail whilst you’re outside the garage with the door shut, an external manual override should be installed, this would then allow you to open the door manually without the need of the motor.

What safety features are in place?


Again, there are laws and regulations surrounding automatic doors that must be adhered to.  For the safety of you and anyone else using the Garage Door our motors have resistance safety built into them, meaning that the smallest amount of resistance detected by the motor would stop the door from closing and open it again to relieve any pressure off anything that has come into contact with the Garage Door. It also does this to prolong its own lifespan, giving you great longevity from your motor.

Are they noisy? I do not want to disturb my neighbours when I leave for work early in the morning


There has been a marked improvement over the years, with some motors making very little noise at all.  The motors we use are of German construction, they are manufactured by a company called Hormann and the others by Garador.  They are some of the quietest and most reliable motors on the market, with a reputation of absolute quality.  Your safety and that of others is our primary concern, and so we will endeavour to use only parts that we know have been tested to meet and surpass all safety requirements, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Are they suitable for all doors?


Most but not all…….Roller Shutter Doors for instance have their own kind of motor and way of operating, but these motors are designed for and work very well with Retractable Doors and Sectional Doors.  They can be used on Canopy Doors too, but a lot would depend on the age and the manufacturer of the door in the first place.  Its always best to have an engineer come and check to see if your door is suitable, and if it’s not they will explain why and give you options of what you can do to automate your door.

What about remotes, do we get new ones with our motor?


All of our new motors come with two Bisecur Remotes meaning that the radio frequencies cannot be copied by would be criminals, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure whilst you are away from home.

In addition you can by extra handsets should you wish for members of your family to have them and you can also buy wall mounted buttons, fingerprint access or keypad access remotes should you wish to add additional security features.  These we should point out are optional extra and would be an extra on top of our standard installation.

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