Satellite and Tv Aerial Repairs

We know how important Tv is to everyone, and we all say it, “we don’t watch much Tv”, but it is surprising how much we all miss it when it is not working correctly.  For some of us it can be our lifeline and to others just a little background noise, but there is nothing more annoying than not being able to finish watching your programme or film because you need aerial repairs.

Here at Repair or Replace we have you covered and will try to get to you on the same day if we can.

How do I know if I need Aerial Repairs?


Sometimes it maybe your equipment that is faulty i.e. your Tv or your decoder or recording equipment, but sometimes it will be your Tv Aerial equipment.

One of the first easy checks you could make before you call us is to have a look outside, if you have an external Tv Aerial and there has been some bad weather take a look at your aerial, if it looks like its hanging freely or it doesn’t look right compared to your neighbours then give us a call.

If, however you have a loft mounted Tv Aerial it would be harder to tell if it is damaged in some way.

On your Tv set if you are experiencing problems you may receive a message on your tv screen, something along the lines of “No Signal Please Check Antenna”.  This could be for several reasons, the most common of which being that the Tv Aerial cable may have been unplugged or an amplifier may have been turned off.  Check these things and if you still have problems then give us a call and we will be able to help you.

You could also have a poor signal; this would normally mean you still get a picture, but it keeps breaking up into little squares and sometimes may make a high pitched squeak in the background.  This is usually down to your Tv Aerial equipment starting to fail, so again give us a call and we will see if we can help you out over the phone, if not we may need to make a visit to further assess and give you an estimate to repair your system.

I’ve just moved into a new property and I’m getting no Tv pictures


If you have just moved into a brand new property, then you may require a new aerial installation.  Typically, these are left for the new owners or tenants to have installed themselves.  Be aware though that if you have moved to a completely new area to live, you may just need to retune your Tv as it will still be tuned into the old transmitter where you used to live, try this first and if you still have no luck then contact us and we can help.

If you have moved into an older property, your Tv Aerial system maybe in need of an upgrade as previous occupants may have been on a subscription service such as sky or virgin and may not have had any work done on the Tv Aerial system.  Alternatively the previous occupants may have taken the power supply unit that powers up an external amplifier, either way one of our friendly engineers can visit and give you honest advise as to what needs to be done to get your pictures back working again.

There’s water at the back of my Tv.


First thing to do and before you read on is to take your Tv Aerial out from the back of your Tv equipment (the one that comes from the wall or in by the window) and place the end in a small bowl or tub for your safety.

Usually when this happens it’s because an external distribution box has become detached and is hanging upside down allowing the rain to get into your cable and travel down to your equipment or because the outer casing on your external equipment has worn away or cracked allowing the rain into your cable.

Either way do not plug the Aerial back into your equipment until someone has been to see you, water and electronics do not mix well.

If you are not sure what to do after reading any of the above, simply give us a call.  We will ask you some questions and advise you if we should visit or not.  Do not worry even if we do need to visit, there is no call out fee and our quotes are completely free.

We specialise in Tv Aerial Repairs, Satellite Repairs and we offer a range of Tv Aerial and Satellite Installations.

Storm Damage Aerial Repairs


Yes, we do storm damage aerial repairs too.  We can give you a written quotation to send to your insurers, but please be aware that whilst they may pay most of the bill you will still need to pay the excess on your insurance.  Sometimes a simple telephone call whilst we are there is all they need so long as you send them the receipt.  In this situation you would normally pay us for any works carried out and they will send you the money to reimburse you.

If your Tv Aerial has become dislodged from its position then it may be necessary to bring the aerial down to the ground until you can get the works done, your safety and public safety must always be taken into account.

So for a fault with your Tv Reception, or an upgrade on your Tv Aerial Equipment, or you just need a replacement Tv Wall Mounting contact us for your Free No Obligation Quotation, and with no call out fee, what have you got to lose?

With Repair or Replace you are always in safe hands