Tv Aerial and Satellite Installations

Installing a new system can be as difficult or as basic as you want it to be.  From a basic single outlet installation to a 100 apartment complex to include Freeview, satellite and FM or DAB radio, all from one Tv Aerial, Satellite Dish or Radio Aerial.

This maybe your first time having a system installed, or it may be your fifth, either way there is still plenty to think about.  For example, how many Tv’s do you have or how many do you think you may require going forward? Are the sockets installed in the right place? Do you require your Tv to be wall mounted, and if so, how do I hide my cable work?

Well let us try to answer these for you……….

What kind of aerial system do I require?


A lot depends on the size of your household, who lives with you and also how they watch their favourite programmes.

If you subscribe to a provider such as BT or TalkTalk, then you will require a Tv Aerial system, as oppose to a Satellite System, as both of the BT and Talk Talk boxes require normal terrestrial signals as well as making use of the internet for any subscribed channels.  These devices will usually give you the option to record your basic channels as well as being able to connect to the likes of BBC iPlayer, Netflix or NowTv through the internet.

So a basic system of a Tv Aerial to 1 outlet would suffice, but if you have Tv’s in other rooms and would like to watch Tv in those rooms too, then a multi room System can be installed where by the Tv Aerial will be connected to all Tv’s so that you can have independent Tv viewing on all Tv sets.  If you have smart Tv’s, these can also be connected to the internet to allow the same Tv players to be viewed such iPlayer and Netflix etc.

Satellite equipment is only required if

a. you have a Sky Box such as the older Sky hd+ box or the newer skyQ box


b. you have a Freesat box which will decode your satellite signals and allow viewing of free to air channels or you have a tv with Freesat built in, you would need to check your Tv to know which you one you have.

As a general rule of thumb all modern Tv’s will come with built in Freeview requiring a Tv Aerial to be installed to allow you to view your basic channels.  If you’re unsure what your requirements are you could always ask our friendly engineers who will give you free honest advice in a way that you will understand to help you make an informed decision (we won’t baffle you with jargon).

Does splitting the TV aerial signal give me poor reception?


Yes it is true that “splitting” the tv aerial to go to a second or third Tv will weaken the signal slightly, but again it’s our job to make sure that your signal levels are correct and that all Tv’s get good signal strengths and signal quality and that they receive all the channels they should.  Sometimes this may mean we need to add equipment to your system, such as an amplifier, which in effect increases the volume on your signals to make them stronger.

Please note: Not all Tv’s will get the same channels, as some older Tv’s will not be able to receive the HD channels due to their age, in the same way that not all Tv’s can connect to the internet.

What is 4g or 5g and does it affect the TV signals?


4g and 5g signals are mobile data transmissions used to connect to the internet using your mobile device such as your smart phone or tablet, and yes these can have an adverse effect on your Tv signals.  After carrying out his initial checks, your engineer will be able to determine whether these will cause a problem for you and will be able to fit a 4g or 5g filter to limit these signals so you can enjoy your favourite channels without interference.

I have moved into a new house and my Aerial or Satellite needs to be in the loft.


In some new housing developments, it is requirement that all Tv Aerials are fitted into the loft space as the development is in or encroaches on a conservation area.  It’s usually no problem to install a system in the loft, but it will depend on the following:

  1. a) how good the signals are getting to your loft
  2. b) the construction type and insulation in your loft
  3. c) whether you have solar panels fitted on your roof

All these things can have a dramatic effect on your signals.  As far as Satellite Dishes are concerned these need to be installed outside as you will not receive a signal from within your loft.  We can install these in a discrete location around your home so they are out of site in an unobtrusive position (you may require special permission for this so check your contract or seek advice).

Can I just use the internet to watch all my Tv channels and do I need a Tv license?


With ever improving technologies and apps etc, yes, it is possible to view Tv solely through the internet.  Some of the streaming services out there are very good at providing you with a multitude of channels for your viewing on an ‘on demand’ basis, so for some of these you will pay a monthly subscription and you may even get charged to ‘rent’ films etc.  But to watch live Tv you will still need to connect to providers that offer that service, as far as the Tv license is concerned, if you are watching live Tv or you wish to view any of the BBC content you will still need to pay for a Tv license, for more guidance on Tv Licensing please go to the official .gov website.

I rent my property is it my responsibility to fit a Tv Aerial?


There is no law enforcing landlords, councils, or housing associations to pay for Tv aerial or Satellite equipment to be installed in their property.  However, you may be able to come to some arrangement with them, or they may wish to pay for it for you.  There are occasions where it is not your responsibility to pay as you may well be in sheltered accommodation, high rise flats or in any accommodation that has a communal system installed, please check with your current landlord or housing team to find out as we are not allowed to touch these systems without being contacted and authorised by them first.  Usually however they only provide Tv signals to one room, and we can come and install a second or third Tv point or socket and install Tv’s on the wall, or even retune your equipment if you are struggling.

Please be aware that if you are moving from one region to another, that some of your channels may change and you may not get all the channels you had previously as the number of channels and availability varies from region to region. To find out more information go to the Freeview website where you can check what is available in your area.

For A Free No Obligation Quotation, with no Call Out Fees and Honest Advice Call the Repair or Replace Team Today or send a message from the contact us page and we will do whatever we can to help you.